Your Moving Checklist

by RFF on Thursday, August 28, 2014

When you are caught up in moving, a lot of the things that need to be done before the move can be forgotten.  On this page is a handy printable checklist of pre-packing actions that you can do yourself, or RFF will do, as part of our full packing service that you may request.

Whitegoods and appliances

  • All food should be removed from the fridge and freezer
  • Appliances defrosted, interiors wiped dry and doors left ajar
  • The fridge drip-tray emptied of excess water
  • Microwave oven cleaned and wiped dry.  Microwave oven plate packed separately
  • Oven and hot plates wiped over
  • Toasters and grillers emptied and wiped over, then packed into boxes
  • Water, coffee beans and filters removed from coffee makers and packed into boxes
  • Dishwasher emptied and dishes dry and cleaned
  • Washing machines emptied of clothes and water, with the hoses secured in an upright position.  Never disconnect the waste water hose unless you know the machine is completely empty of water
  • Dryer is empty of clothes and filters cleaned
  • Kettle and steam-irons empty and drained of all water
  • Batteries removed from all toys, clocks and battery powered devices
  • Items that belong to the house should be separated from items that you are taking with you.

Your pantry

  • Make sure all lids are on and tight, especially on liquids.
  • If doing your own packing, all bottles of liquids must be standing upright in the boxes.
  • Discard all out-of-date food items.
  • Empty all food storage areas and discard any old perishables.

Those little things you can't do without

Have a special moving carton prepared for your small items that you need first, such as TV & video remotes, bed legs, shelf supports, screws, bolts, cupboard & filing cabinet keys, kettle, etc..

Your personal possessions

We can help you sort and select your possessions for moving or storage, especially if you’re moving overseas.  What goes by sea, what goes by air?  We can help.  We can also arrange for long-term storage.

Don’t forget to leave out clothes for you & your family to wear on moving day.

Keep all your valuable items boxed in one area for you to take with you in the car.

Keep items you may need to take with you in the car, especially if it’s a long journey: pillows, blankets, toys, food, maps, esky, etc..

Things not to pack

If you’re moving interstate or overseas, remember to leave out your hand luggage essentials such as your plane or bus tickets, passports, car and hotel paperwork, credit cards, cash, travellers cheques, keys and personal papers.

Your property settlement papers, keys, other important business or personal papers, jewellery, mobile phones, laptop computer with their chargers or anything else that you find valuable.  We suggest that you take these items in your car.

Check for any flammable or dangerous goods in your house, attics or sheds.  These things cannot be loaded onto the truck or stored.

Drain all fuel or gas from fuel-powered items, such as lawnmowers, blowers, snippers, heaters, oil lamps, primus stoves and gas bottles.

Your 'First Night' pack

  • Have a special box put aside for the things you might need for the first night in your new home, such as alarm clock, kettle, tea & coffee, sugar, mugs, basic cutlery and dinner set, milk or food
  • Bed linen for your first night
  • Telephone and phone plugs
  • Power extension leads
  • Bathroom and medicine needs
  • Your children's favourite toys or baby foods
  • Your pet-needs such as food, bed, bowls, etc.

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