About us

RFF provides a wide range of services, for all types of relocations. Whether it be a home, unit, office, business move,  a retirement village relocation or just  Downsizing / de-clutter before selling, rubbish removal, to even packing / unpacking or expert help with deceased estates.

RFF is a removal company that cares about its customers.  That’s why we have formed Downsizing With Ease to have a complete package for our customer’s needs.  Each move is different, therefore each customer is treated as an individual with the move or service tailored to suit their needs and budget.  We offer an obligation-free quote or the option of an hourly rate.

Some customers prefer our Team to do everything, from moving, packing and unpacking goods into & out of boxes, to cleaning & rubbish removal.  Other customers may be on a budget and want to cut costs where possible, so do their own packing and we do the move. 

Unlike many other de-cluttering & removal companies, our customers’ jobs are performed by qualified, caring men & women.   We turn up on time, take the stress away, and do a great job, at a fair price.  We pay our workers above award rates, with all insurances in place.  No job is too small for RFF.  Whether you are moving locally, to country areas or interstate. Home or office to another location or just within the same area, or need furniture just moved around your house or office, WE CAN HELP.

Whenever possible there are no hourly minimum rates.  However, there are times when that cannot be guaranteed.

You can also purchase all your packing materials and moving boxes from us with free delivery in the metro area.

If short or long term storage is required for some or all of your goods, RFF can organise a storage package to suit you.

We will liaise with you on prices, sizes and availability, then book the storage facility of your choosing. Please call on 1300 795 526    02 4358 1983    0417 295 909

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