Easy Downsizing


RFF did a job for a customer recently who's Mother had passed away. After many times of talking to the customer he mentioned that Downsizing With Ease would have been a fantastic service for his Mother to use when she downsized from the family home. She didn't go into a Retirement Village but chose to go into a private unit instead. Even after the family had taken what they wanted and much had been given away, it took our team of removalists a full day to pack the truck with what was left. A few things were suitable to go to our chosen charities but unfortunately and very sadly, much had to be taken to the tip.

There was a positive side to this job though. There were boxes of non perishable items so we managed to sort through them and take large bags of food to 3 of our charities, one a local women's refuge, Eastwood Christian Community Aid and Hunters Hill community aid

Although each did not get a huge amount, I think every little bit helps, especially at Christmas time and they were all very happy to accept any donations.

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