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Malcolm and Lorraine had a great experience with Trivett Classic Honda's dealership in Parramatta a few weeks ago. Yes, read on, a GOOD experience with a car salesman, can you believe it?

The poor old Camry station wagon that we had for many years was well past its use by date. It had been a family car as well as Ryde Furniture Freighters work horse. The time had come to look for a new car.

Car salesman are usually well down on the list of people you can really trust and sometimes, probably for very good reason, but this time I think we hit the jackpot. George was our trusted guide through the jungle of cars. We looked at different models, different colours, leather seats, cloth seats, sun roof or no sun roof, manual or auto. The funniest part of the whole exercise was when he showed us under the bonnet. Lorraine tried to look very intelligent and interested but alas, failed dismally.

There were a couple of reasons that we finally chose to go with the Honda.

We have been doing a lot of the removal work for Trivett Classic Motors for many years now and believe you should always give back where you have the opportunity to do so.

We also feel that they are a large company that seem to have a social conscience as well.

Lorraine recently took part in a survey that their HR manager Kirsty Duncan was running. It was a survey to find out what women want and need from salespeople when they are buying a car.

For each survey that was completed, a donation was made to Breast Cancer Research. Brilliant !!

The overriding factor though, had to be the salesman we had been lucky to get, George. He stood out from everyone else we had been dealing with.

The thing that really stood out was, when George spoke to us, the conversation was not only directed at Malcolm but Lorraine was included at all times, even when Malcolm's daughter came with us, she was also included in every conversation and made to feel like she was also a valued customer. That does not always happen

He gave us excellent options with the final 2 cars we were deciding on. There was no pressure to try and sell us the most expensive one, we were just given the facts to go away to think about.

So because of the excellent service we had received not only from George but from the General Manager of Honda, Shane Hadley , we went ahead with our purchase.

To say Lorraine is still on cloud nine with the purchase, would be an understatement, but both Malcolm and Lorraine would say to anyone who is looking for a car, give Trivett Classic Honda at Parramatta a try, you wont be disappointed.

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