We move many people all over Sydney, to country areas and even interstate.

Like most small businesses, we struggle to keep ahead sometimes, which makes it difficult to be able to donate to charities when they ask. 

Over the past 20 odd years we have had the absolute privilege of helping a number of charities, with donations of our customers unwanted goods or being able to sell the goods and make monetary donations to them.

However, like many small business's the economic climate has taken it's toll and we have had to move from our warehouse, which enabled us to store all the unwanted furniture that we were able to donate to our charities.

So, most unfortunately, at this point in time, we can not help distribute these unwanted goods. If we are actually moving you we might be able to source out all our charities to see if they might be in need of the goods you would like to donate. Some charities will come and pick up the goods, or sometimes on the day of your move we can pick the goods up and distribute them. This is a free service to our customers only. Please note, there are times that even with our strong data base of charities, we are not always able to find a home for your unwanted goods.

If you are not moving with us and need help in either distributing or getting rid of your unwanted items, we are happy to pick them up at our normal hourly rate cost and either distribute them to our charities if they are in need of the goods at the time, or the worst case scenario, take them to the waste station ( waste station charges also apply ). We are more than happy to talk, to book this in for you.

      These are some of the charities we support.


1. The NSW Women's Refuge Movement

Women's Refuge Movement

The Women's Refuge Movement provides a wonderful service for women and children who may be homeless due to domestic violence or are escaping from domestic violence.

Visit their website at

2. Wayback Ltd

Wayback Ltd is a charitable organisation established in 1969 by Dr Stella Dalton AM to provide treatment for those experiencing significant social, legal, health and family problems associated with their use of illicit drugs and/or alcohol.

A distinguishing feature of Wayback is its emphasis on the human factor of addiction.  Wayback is adamant that every patient needs to be treated as an individual, and adheres to the established research that reveals people with addictions have a higher rate of relapse when they have little support.

Wayback offers a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program based on harm minimisation with both residential and non-residential options available.  A total of 31 residents can be accommodated in fully furnished premises at the 9 Wayback houses situated in the Western Sydney region.

3. Hunters Hill Ryde Community Services


Hunters Hill Ryde Community Services (HHRCS) provides support & assistance to people who are elderly, frail or socially isolated and people with a disability or who are experiencing financial disadvantage in our community.

4. Christian Community Aid


Christian Community Aid (CCA) provides services to people of all ages in our community.  Counselling, social welfare, emergency relief, food services and migrant services to name a few.


ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse) works to advance the health and well-being of people & communities affected by child abuse for this and future generations.

6. Rotary

Rotary helps disadvantaged people in all countries including Australia.  This organisation of volunteers tries to provide peace & well-being to all people of the world.  Eradicating polio, graffiti removal, supplying water to remote villages overseas, building schools and many worthwhile local projects are some of their efforts.  We hope more people will join Rotary and help this truly amazing organisation.

Each of these organisations does an amazing job and most get very little recognition, so if we can help, just a small bit, we will.

Our customers are very generous and we meet the most wonderful people, so we again are luckier than some.

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