Cleaning & Rubbish Removal


When you’ve just moved into a new house, one of the last things you’ll want to do is go back to the old house and start to clean it.  As an extra service, or part of a set quotation, we can clean your old or new house or office, from just a general all-over clean to a full service clean, including ovens, windows and steam cleaning of your carpets.

Rubbish removal:

Most people collect excess goods during their lives.  The more sheds and garage space, the more we collect in case we need it one day.  When it is time to sell the family home, a home sometimes of many years, we are shocked at how much excess goods we have stored away.  Not everything is suitable for charities or others you might have contacted, so you may need things taken to the waste station.

Our customers ring RFF to clear out all the unwanted goods before the house goes on the market, then sometimes before they move.  We can de-clutter your house or just one area of your home.  If you need strong men, just to move items out for the council pick up, we can do that for you.  If we can recycle anything we will always try.  The last thing is the tip run.

Please call us on   1300 795 526    02 4358 1983      0417 295 909   if you need help.

We work in with a number of charities and can help source out organisations in need of your unwanted items.  The NSW Women’s Refuge Movement is our biggest recipient.  Plus many more.

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