Downsizing / de-cluttering:


You have made the decision to move.

You're downsizing, making your life simpler, giving you more time to enjoy life without having a huge house to clean and garden to maintain. Time to go away on those much loved holidays.

You find your dream home on the beach, near the river, in a fantastic retirement or lifestyle village.

You're apprehensive?  Maybe a little nervous?  But you're EXCITED!!!

You look around your home, sometimes your home of many, many years and then suddenly it happens.– The EXCITEMENT suddenly changes and turns into a mountain of emotions – a mountain that you think you can't climb.

These emotions might be:

  • FEAR – maybe of the unknown, leaving behind the area you have lived in for such a long time, sometimes people wonder if they have done the right thing, made the right decision.
  • SHOCK – at just how much has to be done in usually a very short time. Most settlements are around the 6 week mark &  WHAT?? only 42 days until moving day!!!!!
  • SADNESS – at leaving the family home, the special memories and wonderful neighbours.
  • QUESTIONS – will I have enough room to take the things I really want to take to the new place?  What will I do with all the items I don't want and no one else seems to want?  What happens when the charities I ring are not interested in the goods either?
  • HELP!!!!! – WHERE DO I START???

Welcome to the wonderful, exciting and unpredictable world of downsizing from the family home!

These are just some of the very normal emotions that our customers feel.

If you have got to this stage and you do not have the help you need from family or friends, because they live too far away, have work commitments, young children or you just don't have any family and you don't want to bother your friends because they have their own busy lives. You are at your wits end and you just want to hand the organising and phone calls to someone else – then call Lorraine at Downsizing With Ease on (02) 9898 1614 and make some enquiries.

More information on Downsizing With Ease – click here to go to the Downsizing With Ease Website.

After the initial phone call, 1300 795 526     02 4358 1983     0417 295 909   if you decide that you want Lorraine to come to your home for a consultation and start work on your downsizing / removal requirements, we can make a time and hopefully the start of your new life can begin.

The initial consultation may take one to two hours, depending on what you need us to do.  Then you leave it to us to make your downsizing / removal as stress-free as possible.

The consultation consists of discussing all aspects of your downsizing / removal needs.

  • We will discuss the furniture and household goods you need to take, what you want to take and what you’re not taking, then what items you’re not sure about.
  • What you are looking for in a removalist.
  • What is your budget?
  • Suggestions to make your downsizing / removal more streamlined.

Within 2–4 days we will be back in contact by phone, email or mail with a copy of our suggestions for your downsizing / removal needs.

We will come back and see you in 1–3 weeks and go over what needs to be done, making note of any changes.

We have several years of experience in assisting people with Downsizing / de-cluttering their homes before selling and offer practical advice and help with a friendly team to make your move as stress-free and easy as possible.

Of course we would love it if you used RYDE FURNITURE FREIGHTERS for your removal, but there are times when we might feel that we are not able to be competitive due to the area that you might be moving to, access & other possibilities. We will do our best to help source out the best removalist for your needs if we can't help you.

As an added bonus for using our Downsizing consultation and our removal service, we will give you a discount and contact you weekly to make sure you're on track with your moving checklist, help out with our expertise and advice where we are able to.

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