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Moving House

No two people are the same. Therefore no two removal jobs are the same.

Everyone has their own individual needs, requirements, budgets and expectations.  We do our best to meet them all.  We tailor the move to suit the individual.

Some customers require us to handle everything with their move, whilst others' budgets only allow us to move specific items.

It is your move and therefore your choice.

Ultimately, having the best move possible comes with preparation and consultation.  We are the experts and it is our job to make you feel at ease from the first phone call until the completion of the job.  We are only a phone call away, so call us on 

 1300 795 526     02 4358 1983      0417 295 909   with any questions or worries you might have.

Set quote:

We come to your home and see exactly what you have to move and provide you with a set quote.  That way, everything is done by our workers and you know exactly what your cost is at the end of your job.  Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a set quote over the phone, only an estimate.

Questions asked regarding set quotes:

Hourly rate:

This option allows you to do as much as you can, to keep your costs down, or just leave it to the team from RFF.  Our time starts from when we leave our base until we return. We pay our workers from the time they get into the trucks, which is a fair system. The time taken not only depends on how fast our workers are but also how organised you are and what your access is like.  We also give you the option of getting in and helping as much as you would like to, which can enable you to reduce your costs.

Questions our customers ask about using an hourly rate:

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