Packing & unpacking:


In today’s busy world, many of us work long hours, have young children or just do not want the hassle of having to pack up belongings weeks before a move.  Moving house can be stressful enough without finding the time to pack and unpack an entire house!

DWE offers a complete packing and unpacking service which frees up your valuable time, before and after your move, allowing you to concentrate on getting the main things ready for your family and enjoying your new home.


A full household pre-pack and unpack or a partial one, of just the breakables, is your choice.  It comes down to budget and time.  We are happy to go through this with you, so we come out with the best result possible for your move and your budget. We will make this the STRESS-FREE MOVE YOU DESERVE.

How many of us realise just how much is in those kitchen cupboards and pantries or china cabinets until we have to pack it?  The team from DWE has a wealth of experience in packing and unpacking.  We can pack and unpack your entire house or just the breakables.  We can even unpack and put away all your goods into cupboards.

RFF Packing

We know how to pack to protect your precious ornaments and other breakables from all parts of the house.

It usually takes us around a day to pack the average house, which usually takes place a day or two before the actual move.  What we ask you to do before our staff arrive is to have a set area in the kitchen for the items you would like left out for your use that night, for example, the kettle, tea & coffee and the items our customers ask us to leave out – a wine glass or a glass for a stiff scotch at the end of day!!  We can pack an entire house in a day, which in most cases takes you 3–4 weeks to complete.

The same with personal items.  Just have everything you don’t want us to pack left in your valuables box and that way they will not get mixed up with everything else that will be packed.  This is especially important with your keys, wallets, purses, medicines and valuables, which must be taken by you the customer.  If you’d rather do most of your own packing, but would like our assistance with breakable items, a partial pre-pack of just breakable household goods can be arranged.



Once the goods are unloaded from the truck and placed into position, our unpacking team will be there, waiting to start to help with the unpacking of the boxes.

You can choose to have a full-house unpack or just your kitchen and breakables.

This takes time, so if you have a late settlement you might want to organise for the unpacking to take place the day after the move.  You can choose to just have us unpack everything onto tables & bench tops or nominate the place you would like the items to go.  You can do the unpacking yourself, but be prepared for boxes & packing materials lying around for days or weeks.

What about this thought – At the end of the removal day, you could be living in your new home, no boxes and packing materials everywhere, everything placed away and your bed made.  Call us on  1300 795 526     02 4358 1983      0417 295 909   and book your pack or unpack!!

We always look after other peoples’ possessions as if they were our own – read some of the testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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