Gift vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Do you have a family member that is moving?

Do you have a family member who is downsizing?

Do you need boxes, tape or paper?

Are your parents or grandparents moving? Are you just so time-poor with your own and your families commitments that you just can't offer the help people need when they are moving?

An example from one of our clients:

  • His Mum is moving and needs lots of help.
  • He runs his own business.
  • His Mum lives on the other side of Sydney, which takes him about an hour or more to get there.
  • His sister and brother all have high-pressure jobs and one lives interstate.
  • They are all married with children.

He came up with these thoughts:

  • He could take the day off work, drive across to his Mother's and start going through everything she wants to take to her smaller home.
  • They would probably disagree on what to take and what to leave behind.
  • They would probably get little done.
  • They might get emotional and frustrated, making the whole experience an unpleasant one – moving house is already a traumatic experience.
  • He would waste the whole day and really only got to spend a small portion of that time talking to his mum.

His suggestion, he would rather get all the family to chip in and purchase a gift voucher to pay for someone to come in and help with the downsizing. Then, when the weekend came, he or his brother and sister could come over and spend quality time with their Mum, taking her out to lunch and enjoying the time with her rather than arguing, (sorry, discussing) about what she should and should not be taking to her new home.

Ask us how easy and affordable it is to arrange a gift voucher – not only is it a wonderful gift, it will buy the whole family some peace of mind.

To take advantage of this offer, simply contact us on 1300 795 526    02 43581983      0417 295 909  or email:

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